Savory texture garnish description/source?

Recent bacon lollipop app had these tiny crunchy rice? puffs which added an interesting texture. Would like to identify/buy some, but can't find product name in search efforts. Anyone aware? Thx

  • Posted by: Randy
  • March 8, 2021
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Lori T. March 9, 2021
I believe what you had are known as bubu arare, which are tiny little rice cracker things made of glutinous rice. They are used in Japan as a garnish, sometimes seasoned and sometimes plain. I don't know where you would purchase them, but perhaps the place which sold the app could tell you who their supplier was. Or even be willing to sell you a small amount. The other option might be to use what are called tempura bits or agedama/tenkasu. You can make those at home, yourself - although the size would likely be a bit larger.
Randy March 11, 2021
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! "Rice pearls" search unlocked the world of arare. Your suggestion of bubu arare is spot on. In looking further, I'm thinking they used masago arare for the bacon app. I found some domestic online options that look promising/affordable. Thanks again! Best, R.
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