Do you really need to refrigerate raisins?

It says you should refrigerate after opening on the box. My mom doesn't and I have never put a dried fruit in the fridge other than really good dates/figs? Does anyone really refrigerate their raisins?



Liz B. May 28, 2018
I don't and I've never had a problem
Nancy May 26, 2018
Not required, but raisins - like all dried fruit - keep well in the freezer (and for longer durations than in fridge).
Naomi S. May 26, 2018
I will start refrigerating them now that I discovered very small black bugs in my package. I was shocked as I never used to put them in the refrigerator. I purchased this brand from Aldis. The fine print did say to refrigerate after opening.
MTMitchell October 22, 2013
The only reason I'd keep mine in the fridge is that raisins are extremely toxic (as in potentially deadly) to dogs -- I know lots of dogs who can get into cupboards and none (yet) who can get into the fridge.
viblanco October 21, 2013
We eat pounds of raisins and we never put them in the refrigerator. However, we seal the bag of raisins very tightly in its bag so that the raisins maintain their moisture. This works just fine for our 2.25 lb bag (which takes us ~4-6 weeks to consume).
Sam1148 October 21, 2013
One time I wish I did. We had a meal moth infestation and those suckers LOVE the raisins.

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Monita October 21, 2013
I've never refrigerated raisins or any other dried fruit and they taste fine and seem to last
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