My dough never rose... What did I do wrong ?

It must be my fault but... I only had whole wheat flour 150 (i am european) and thought it was like bread flour. I also had a stand mixer but the brand is magimix and maybe it mixes to fast... I was afraid it would ruin the dough and mixed only for 7 minutes. Did I cook the tanzhoung for too long ? I did not check if the temperature was at 65°. I used instant yeast and it was supposed to be alive... I might have to put it in the milk before... Anyway, my dough is firm and elastic but never poofed up.... I want to start again tonight... Will buy a new flour...

Helianthe Bourdeaux-Maurin
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1 Comment

Nancy March 21, 2021
Yeast could have been dead - on its own or killed from water too highly heated. Get some more of that and, yes, check water temp before adding.
Also, don't let the dough expand too long (not that you did, but its something to avoid)...if it does, the yeast can collapse from exhausting its gas and then not rise.
I've had a dud loaf or two; so have most of us.
Keep going, and good luck second round!
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