What is the dessert called “slice”?

Ottolenghi refers to “slice” in his cookbook “Sweet” and I once had a similar dessert at a local bakery (now closed). It was delicious, but I’m not coming up with a recipe anywhere.



Happygoin April 2, 2021
This question has been bugging me for a few days. I remembered something but couldn’t think where from.

It just came to me today. Years ago, a pastry chef by the name of Markus Farbinger did a segment on Baking with Julia and he baked something called Cardinal Slice.

I don’t remember what it was...I could go look it up in my Baking with Julia book, but am too lazy. You can probably google it.
Lori T. March 22, 2021
A "slice" in my experience refers to a category of desert bakes, rather than one specific desert. Most of them seem to start with a base of either shortbread or similar cookie, pastry or sometimes dense cake. That base gets pressed into or baked on a small rimmed baking sheet. Once cooled, you build up layers of pudding or gelatine, as a rule, sometimes topping it off with whipped cream. It's served in small finger length slices, from the pan, as dessert or a sweet with a cup of tea or coffee. The term seems to be most commonly used in Britain and Australia. In the US, I think the closest thing we'd have is a pie or tart, especially if it's been baked in a sheet pan, or some of the layered Jello desserts.
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