How are you creating a calm and relaxing space at home?

Spring is a great time for a refresh, and we want to know your favorite and most-utilized tips and tricks for creating a calm and relaxing space at home—from decluttering and aromatherapy, to organizational hacks and decorating best practices. We'd love to hear from you!

Emily Kochman


HalfPint March 24, 2021
A few years ago, I moved a large book shelf to the other end of the living room. It really balanced out the flow of the room, opening up more space. It just felt so right. I didn't get rid of any furniture, merely rearranged the same pieces to create cleaner lines and clearer paths. I feel calm and relaxed whenever I look at the entire room now.
Emily K. March 24, 2021
Love that, HalfPint—so inspiring that you were able to change the whole flow of the room with one adjustment (and without needing to get rid of anything or buy anything new!).
HalfPint March 24, 2021
I think the reason it worked was because the room was somewhat lopsided with darker colors (fireplace, TV, entertainment console) on the end where the bookcase (sorry, I meant bookcase originally) was located. When we moved the bookcase to the other side, the color balance of the room became more symmetrical. Which creates the feeling of harmony.
Emily K. March 24, 2021
Makes total sense—that's a great tip!
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