Uses for spring roll wrappers other then spring rolls?

Any suggestions or recipes for using up a lot of spring roll wrappers besides making spring rolls? Thanks in advance for any help :)



Fran M. April 3, 2011
They also make great wrappers for Bananas a little green with a little cinnamon and sugar. then just shallow fry until light brown.
lovesitc April 3, 2011
Thanks very much for all of the great ideas! FoodPicklers to the rescue once again!! :)
ellenl April 2, 2011
I sometimes make them into chips/crackers. I use cooking spray on a baking sheet, put wrappers on and spray them, bake at about 400 for several minutes until browned.
MHardison79 April 2, 2011
why not make a dessert out of them? fill them with nutella, or something of your liking, seal them up like ravioli, fry, and top with powdered sugar...just make sure the filling isnt too heavy so you dont tear the wrapper.
fiveandspice April 2, 2011
I think they'd be a little softer than a tortilla, but I bet it would work. Because, I've heard of people using them in place of crepes, which has some fundamental similarities to a quesadilla.
Panfusine April 2, 2011
I made some cupcake lasagna with them. Came out beautifully! her's the link...
lovesitc April 2, 2011
Thanks for the terrific ideas so far! You guys are great :) I'm wondering if they could be used in a similar fashion to tortillas? Like a quesadilla? Or being pasta-like, would they just get mushy?
fiveandspice April 2, 2011
Because they're basically the same ingredients as wonton wrappers and pasta, you can fill them with almost anything you'd like (cheeses, vegetables, sauces, etc.) and roll them up. Then, brush them with a bit of oil and bake them in a 400F oven until they're golden on the outside. You can also use them in the place of noodles in lasagna. Or, you can press them into muffin tins (or other cup molds), brush them with oil and bake them until golden and use them as edible bowls for seafood/chicken salads, green salad, or other yummy appetizers.
Sam1148 April 2, 2011
Steamy Kitchen did a Fantastic "Firecracker Shrimp" It's outstanding!

Like her, these rarely make it out of the kitchen.

Anitalectric April 2, 2011
Shred them, toss in oil, bake and use as salad topping. You can also cut into wedges and prepare similarly as chips for dipping.

I just also saw it suggested on a website as a vegan sausage casing.

They are essentially same ingredients as pasta, so u can use to prepare raviolo (a giant ravioli), face towel noodle (thai stir fry) or fun things like that.
Steve B. April 15, 2015
um.. you are thinking about EGG ROLL wrappers. spring roll wrappers are made of rice and are super thin and you can see through them you can NOT use these as noodles..
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