Favorite dishes to welcome spring

I will be celebrating easter on my own this year, but I don't celebrate easter in the religious manner and more in a celebration of spring starting, I'm curious, what are peoples favorite dishes to welcome spring that I should try?

Grace Lindquist


Nancy March 29, 2021
Rabbit and egg dishes are associated with the time of year.
Miss_Karen March 25, 2021
I make ramp chimchurri challah bread and/or ramp cheese soup.
MMH March 25, 2021
Boneless leg of lamb grilled medium rare with grilled asparagus.
MMH March 25, 2021
Left out morel mushrooms
Emily K. March 25, 2021
Such great ideas! We love this one, too: https://food52.com/recipes/35282-lemon-mint-peas-with-burrata-and-breadcrumbs. And you might be interested in this article, "42 Side Dishes for a Traditional (or Nontraditional!) Easter": https://food52.com/blog/26064-easter-side-dishes
HalfPint March 25, 2021
Whenever I think of spring food, I think of the minted pea soup that I had at a local restaurant that served Austrian food.
Stephanie G. March 25, 2021
Pickled eggs, deviled eggs, a pea salad with feta and pistachio pesto, ham with biscuits, asparagus gribbiche, carrot cake, a torte with berries, anything rhubarb, strawberry or lemon. Easter is my favorite holiday!
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