What's your best Easter side dish?

I'm cobbling together a last minute Easter dinner- the hubby and I are getting back from international travel the morning of. Looking for something relatively simple to whip up since we will be a bit tired. Prefer not a starch, since we have that covered. Roasting up a chicken for the main since I don't have the time or number of eaters for a fresh ham. Searching for "Easter" on the site didn't come up with much inspiration - so hit me with whatever screams Spring! or Easter! at you. Thanks!



ChefJune April 4, 2012
My favorite is a ragout of Artichokes, Peas and lettuce. And it's a perfect side for roast chicken. but it might take more time than you'd like on the day of... 2nd choice, and always on the table regardless, is Asparagus. I do it simply in large saute pan with butter and lemon juice, maybe some garlic.
bobbie J. April 4, 2012
I know a caterer who did a mint and pea soup that was delish - seemed easy, too im pretty sure it was a barefoot contessa recipe
ChefOno April 4, 2012
Spring = Asparagus Throw a sheet pan of them in with the chicken. Or search this site for "shaved asparagus" for salad ideas.

BoulderGalinTokyo April 4, 2012
Hey, Colorado! A simple salad can be dressed up with ingredients you usually might not use. Sliced red pepper or onion, asparagus, some beans, sunflower seeds, etc. You could make a special salad dressing before you leave.
foidivin April 3, 2012
Vinegar cole slaw!!! Simple and yummy...
Wellington W. April 3, 2012
How bout a cold Kale Avocado soup. Add the following to a blender:1 avocado, 1 large juicy vine ripened tomato, half a cucumber, 2 jalapeños, 6 large kale leaves, juice of half lemon, clove garlic. Blend, chill, serve! Superefreshing
RebeccaCooks April 3, 2012
Fresh peas and lettuce sauteed (briefly!) and finished with mint and butter.
Maedl April 3, 2012
Local asparagus is in the farmers' markets here, so that would be my choice. I would either toss it with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic and roast it or fry it iln butter.
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