Spring main course

What meat would be good for a spring dinner for a large number of people? I am already considering a leg of lamb but was wondering if anyone had ideas for another good main dish to serve 10+ people. I'd like to be prep ahead of time, but don't want to do a stew or other wintry dish. Thanks.

  • Posted by: PippaG
  • May 1, 2011


Bevi May 6, 2011
Grilled lamb chops smeared with some homemade pesto, with a little extra pesto served on the side.
jenmmcd May 5, 2011
I don't know if you'll see this as I'm 3 days late to the party, but I love a grilled lamb with balsamic and lavendar. My recipe is close to this one and I also butterfly the leg. I then reduce the marinade to accompany the lamb.

betteirene May 2, 2011
My meatless Monday dinner tonight is in the oven--it's al Fredo lasagna with snap peas, tiny diced carrots, brocolli and a bit of kale. It smells like it would taste wonderful with a slice of roasted lamb next to it.
ChefJune May 2, 2011
There's a great leg of lamb in Book One of food52! ;) Leg of lamb, Rack of lamb, Navarin of Lamb are all particularly springy.
ChefDaddy May 2, 2011
Sounds good PippaG! Great idea!
PippaG May 2, 2011
No, I would marinate and then roast it and serve it in thin slices (hopefully rare to med-rare), with some spring vegetables and legume salads along side. I do love a good roast chicken but wanted to try something I hadn't cooked or served before. The spaetzle does sound delicious. Thanks for all your input!
ChefDaddy May 2, 2011
If you were to serve leg of lamb, wouldn't it be braised? My point is that braised food is not my idea of spring eating. I like the roast chicken idea with lots of veggie dishes.
Anitalectric May 2, 2011
This pasta recipe by food blogger Cathy Erway screams spring and literally just made my stomach rumble: http://noteatingoutinny.com/2011/05/02/spaetzle-with-ramps-and-crimini-mushrooms/
boulangere May 1, 2011
Oh, yes, a couple of roast chickens would be a great addition to your leg of lamb. Perhaps think about making gingerroot's Late Night Coffee Brined Chicken.
mrslarkin May 1, 2011
Roast chicken is great any time of year. I'd roast 2 for that many guests.
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