Is the liquid amount correct?

Is 1/3 cup milk the right amount? I had a dry crumbly mixture after 5+ min of mixing on my stand mixer. I couldn't even make it clump together when I squeezed a handful. It was nowhere near smooth or elastic as mentioned in the recipe. Should there be more liquid than 1/3 cup milk, a whole egg, and an egg yolk?

Jill Duell
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Citrus Twist Bread
Recipe question for: Citrus Twist Bread

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Samantha S. March 26, 2021
I’m so sorry you had trouble with the recipe. Yes, that is the correct about of liquid. It should come together with that and the butter. It sounds like you has a bit more than 2 cups of flour, but if it feels dry you can always add a bit more milk as necessary.
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