What should the inside of this bread look like?

I made this and don't think I got it quite right... What should the inside look like? I think mine came out too dense (almost scone like?). I'm having a hard time figuring out what the end product should be; the video imagery isn't quite enough, although her bite looks to be a lot lighter and springy than the bites I'm taking while eating it.

Jessica W
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Citrus Twist Bread
Recipe question for: Citrus Twist Bread

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Nancy April 18, 2021
Jessica W -
I think you're right to wonder about the texture....scone-like is too dense.
The crumb (by analogy to similar breads) should be soft and light, like a good sweet challah.
Next time, maybe use the additional fridge rise to get a better texture.
Also, for a photo of a slice that shows both crumb and the lemon filling, look at King Arthur's Braided Lemon Bread.
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