How to ship Stuffed cookies. I want to send really gooey warm-able cookies without them becoming gross.

Every time I ship food it either gets moldy, too hard or just tastes awful. I wanted to make these cookies for a friend (the photo is attached below) does anyone have any tips on shipping cookies/ their favorite soft cookie recipe?! Thank you so much! I also always pay for expedited shipping too.

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HalfPint March 29, 2021
Make sure the baked goods are completely cooled before packing. The big tip I learned is to pack cookies with slices of bread. This was a big game changer for me. The bread will provide moisture and the cookies will be soft and taste almost fresh baked.
Nancy March 29, 2021
Not the same as homemade, but maybe a bakery near your friend makes similar cookies and would deliver.
Nancy March 29, 2021
Or if you don't want to send bakery cookies.
Send your cookies modified for shipping: bake without the stuffing(s), send the cookies wrapped on their own, the stuffing(s) each in a sealed, leak-proof container, and directions to your friend how to stuff and warm the cookies.
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