What are your favorite indoor plants?

Tell us which indoor plants you love, and why: Are they easy on the eyes, easy to care for, or both? Something else entirely? We’re listening…

Emily Kochman


MMH March 30, 2021
We dont have a good place in our kitchen for herbs so we only have then in our garden in season. Fresh herbs are wonderful to have available and the more you have, the more you will use.
Emily K. March 30, 2021
Completely agree—so wonderful to grab from some herbs from the garden (or the kitchen, or whatever space works best for you) and use them to finish and liven up a dish.
luvcookbooks March 30, 2021
I just purchased a snake plant and zz plant. Rooting a spider plant in a glass jar. Also have a tomato 🍅 Kant with a grow light, a mint plant, a thyme plant and a jade plant. My ex husband still has custody of my aloes, but I want them back!
Emily K. March 30, 2021
Sounds like such a lovely assortment, luvcookbooks! Thank you for sharing.
Jennifer March 30, 2021
I like air plants since they're easy to take care of, which is good for someone who doesn't have a green thumb! They can be easy on the eyes if they're placed in a cute/eye catching container (I had an air plant that was housed in a ceramic green and white hedgehog, which was adorable).
Emily K. March 30, 2021
Right there with you, Jennifer—we love air plants, too!
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