Dessert to follow Mac and Cheese

I'm going to dinner at a friend's house tomorrow and volunteered to provide dessert. Problem is, the main course is mac and cheese. I need an idea for a dessert that's not rich, but still feels special.



FunkyLady April 16, 2011
Angel Pie - make a shortbread cake batter, pour in bottom of 9" round pan (should only be a thin layer), make a meringue (egg whites, cream of tartar whipped to soft peaks), pour over shortbread batter and bake at 350 until golden brown. Meanwhile make a lemon curd and some whipped cream. When cake cools spread lemon curd over meringue and then the whipped cream over that. So delicious and even though it's not very healthy it is very light. I think the citrus will complement the mac and cheese because it will cut the richness...
I will post the actual recipe soon
mrslarkin April 15, 2011
I agree with cazcancook's comfort food/fruit dessert suggestion and I think apple pie would be a nice dessert.
ChefJune April 15, 2011
Poached Pears with chocolate sauce (or a reduction sauce of whatever you poach the pears in) is easy, tasty, and not at all heavy.
rroseperry April 15, 2011
Oh and the strawberry shortcake suggestion is good too. Great to have choices.
rroseperry April 15, 2011
Sorbet sound like a great idea. There's still a lot of citrus in the stores here (California) so I could make a Meyer lemon sorbet pretty easily. I'll also check that Lemon Basil Sherbet recipe, but there are a couple of picky (that is unadventurous) eaters at the table.

CazHill April 15, 2011
In my mind mac and cheese is a wonderful laid back meal. You can spice it up, but mac and cheese no matter how it is dished up will always be a favorite "comfort food" for me. With that in mind, I would think about a classic fruity dessert. Strawberry short cake comes to mind. Along with great flavor, it will bring a splash of color to the table!
SKK April 15, 2011
Sandy Smith's Lemon Basil Sherbert from this site - it is incredible
PoorGirlRichFood April 15, 2011
This dessert works well if you don't have to travel far and is delicious and light.

Buy a container (or two) of coconut sorbet (Haagen Dazs makes one) and some berries (whatever ones you can find for a good price). Let the sorbet melt just a little bit and mix the berries into the sorbet, put it into small bowls and re-freeze.
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