Creme de Marrons (Sweetened Chestnut Spread)

Looking for dessert recipes to use up my three jars of creme de marron, something refreshing for the summer please :)



Emily K. May 4, 2021
Here's one you might like: We also love the use ideas in Catherine Lamb's author notes here: Enjoy!
HalfPint May 3, 2021
I love eating plain yogurt with a generous dollop of creme de maroons.
HalfPint May 3, 2021
*marrons, sorry (sigh)
Nancy May 3, 2021
Not recipes but usage ideas:
Mont Blanc - riced, topped with whipped cream (formed to look like a mountain)
Serve with nuts, berries, liqueur and/or ice cream as a dessert
Mix with chocolate and spreading toast
Serve in the last few months of spring with vegetables like red cabbage or sweet potato (as a side or a soup)
Use as a filling between layers of cake or meringues
Nancy May 3, 2021
2 corrections.
"spread ON toast"
"last few WEEKS of spring"
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