Your very best outdoor decorating tips

No matter the size or type (balcony, backyard, the list goes on) we're curious to know: What are your best outdoor decorating tips? From potted plants to outdoor lighting to patio furniture and more, tell us in the Comments below.

Emily Kochman


702551 May 17, 2021
Generally speaking, less is more.

If the site is already attractive, the more additions you include, the more you detract from the intrinsic beauty of the location.

Example A: let's say you have a beach cabin. Do you really need to bring in a bunch of lights, decorations, upholstered furniture, plants, etc.? Or is it better to maybe just watch the sun set over the water?

Example B: vineyard dinner. Do I really need to have a party rental company try to make this venue look like a tent like some symphony benefit gala?

If you pick a suitable outdoor venue, it does not need to be decked out.
Emily K. May 18, 2021
Thanks so much for sharing, 702551. We agree that it can be really nice to keep things minimal and let your environment speak for itself.
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