Tips and tricks for growing veggies in small outdoor spaces

What advice would you give someone growing veggies in a small outdoor space? From pots to placement to planting techniques, share your best tips and tricks below.

Emily Kochman


HalfPint June 7, 2021
Take advantage of vertical space. I see a lot of pallets repurposed for smaller planting areas.
Emily K. June 10, 2021
Great tip, thanks HalfPint.
Valhalla June 2, 2021
Place plants in the proper conditions (i.e., determine if it is full sun, part shade, etc.).
Use the largest pots you can afford (those fabric pots look affordable but they do dry out quickly, so if you travel, plan accordingly).
Use good quality potting mixes--check garden centers for bulk orders.
Check seed companies for varieties that are adapted for small spaces.
Make use of trellises, etc.

Emily K. June 3, 2021
Thanks for these smart tips, Valhalla!
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