Easy, breezy, no-recipe dishes

After a long weekend—and (we hope!) a whole lot of cooking and eating—you may not be feeling keen on a big project at the stovetop...or even following a recipe for that matter. With this is in mind: What are the no-recipe dishes you depend on? We know our community would love to hear from you!

Emily Kochman


Nancy June 2, 2021
This question overlaps with two other areas:
1) what standard or favorite helpful foodsdo you stock in your pantry?
2) what basic proportions of dishes do you know by heart so you can make them easily?...Michael Ruhlman book, Ratio, will help you on this.
For example, do you keep:
♡ pizza dough, sauce and cheese for using meat and veg leftovers the day before a grocery shop?
◇ frozen chicken, onions, garlic, lemon, oil for a basic roast?
♧ tofu or tempeh or beans, raw whole rice, long-storage or canned veg for a quick vegetarian main?
♤ frozen pie-crust, milk, eggs, gruyere for an ad-hoc quiche?
Emily K. June 3, 2021
Thanks for the thoughtful advice, Nancy! Love the idea to keep pizza dough, sauce, and cheese on hand for using up the odds and ends in the fridge. Always helpful to have a few ingredients (preferably ones that go together well) on hand to whip something up with little to no effort.
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