Can You Add Nutritional Info or this recipe?

Is there a nutritional breakdown of this recipe? When entered in to My Fitness Pal it has the calorie count preserving at over 3,000 calories!

  • Posted by: Layla97
  • June 14, 2021
Cabbage Bake
Recipe question for: Cabbage Bake


702551 June 14, 2021
Now that you've pointed this out, the 2/3 cup of oil is completely nuts.

I'd probably use 1 or maybe 2 tablespoons of oil, max.

My guess is that there is nothing wrong with the MyFitnessPal caloric calculation. This recipe is bizarre.

Layla97 June 15, 2021
It is a delicious recipe. I made it as written but thought better about that much oil. I modified it to 1/4 c. avocado oil or olive oil with additional buttermilk to make up for the lost moisture and it doesn't bake up the same way. Even with less oil the calculation comes out to about 568 cals per serving.
702551 June 14, 2021
If a recipe on Food52 doesn't include nutritional values, it's up to the reader to plug these values into one of the various online nutritional calculators.

From a nutritional standpoint, this recipe is basically the first three ingredients. If you care about sodium, add the salt into whatever online calculator you use.

I suggest using multiple calculators since any given automated tool can fail on a given recipe.

Even then I would accept the end analysis dubiously.
Layla97 June 14, 2021
I would have to add that the last ingredient, 2/3 cups vegetable oil would exponentially add to the first three ingredients. I will calculate as you recommended above.
Thank You
702551 June 14, 2021
Yes, you are absolutely right. I don't typically cook from recipes so missed that.

Admittedly most recipes list the ingredients in the order that they are used so I am certainly not surprised that I missed that.
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