Is it ok to halve this recipe?

Hello Erin! Would halving the recipe affect texture? I just need about 2 cups of frosting and need to conserve my butter!

  • Posted by: Kyle
  • July 14, 2021
German Buttercream
Recipe question for: German Buttercream


MrsWheelbarrow July 15, 2021
Absolutely. Use weights rather than volume fit the best results. You can also freeze buttercream; whip it once defrosted to achieve the silky texture.
Erin J. July 15, 2021
I haven't ever halved this recipe, and sometimes with custards, cutting in half can yield a slightly different texture. But it should work ok! This buttercream also freezes well, if you opt to make a full batch and save some for a future baked good! Happy Baking!
Kyle July 18, 2021
Thank you! Coming through with that information as always!!!
I will make the full batch and freeze it!
drbabs July 14, 2021
I can’t see why not, and since she gave you the measurements in weight, and there are 2 eggs, it would be easy to do so.
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