How long does it last in fridge?

Hi - if using tinned sardines, how long would this last in fridge? Trying to decide how big a batch to make

Lemony Sardine Pâté
Recipe question for: Lemony Sardine Pâté


HalfPint July 30, 2021
I have never had it last longer than a couple of days.

It should be fine in the fridge for up to 1 week. After that, I think the flavor will not be as good.
702551 July 30, 2021
While it might actually last for over a week in the fridge, I would expect it to lose some of its fresh flavor after three days since it contains a number of fresh ingredients (lemon zest, butter, fresh thyme, and lemon juice).

I would freeze any portion that isn't intended to be consumed in three days.
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