About to make a big batch of applesauce. Can I freeze some?

  • Posted by: AEC
  • October 12, 2010


Bevi October 18, 2010
Yes - I freeze it in freezer bags all the time.
foodfighter October 13, 2010
Depending on freezer space you can freeze in ice cube trays. Especially if you have any of the silicone ones that make large square cubes.
dagny October 12, 2010
Definitely. I freeze it in serving size portions so you can defrost in a warm water bath and eat.
Kayb October 12, 2010
Absolutely. Freeze it in plastic baggies, as much air as possible squeezed out. I've had decent luck thawing it in a warm water bath.
allie October 12, 2010
you can also reheat it after freezing and then wait for it come to room temp/whatever temp you want to eat it.
BethFalk October 12, 2010
I find that homemade applesauce freezes pretty well. I prefer to freeze it in small quantities, and then thaw it slowly in the refigerator. I've had better luck freezing it than canning it, which (for me) often results in an "off" color and flavor. My family seems happy enough to eat the frozen stuff!
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