How Do I Cook This in the Oven?

What changes must I make to cook this in the oven? Would I move everything over to a casserole dish before nestling the chicken in the rice? Do I reduce or increase any ingredients? Lastly, what temperature and for how long should I bake it?

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1 Comment

aargersi August 6, 2021
Ok I would do this: mix the ingredients for the rice (basically everything but the seasoned chicken) in a casserole. I would NOT plan on covering it because you want nice crispy skin. I would add another 1/2 cup of water to compensate for that. The I would put the chicken sort of nestled in but with the skin exposed. You know how thighs often have extra skin “flaps” ? If you have those, spread them on top of the rice so they can crisp up and simultaneously keep the rice moist. I’d bake at 375 and my guess is ~45 minutes. Just check the chicken temp … 160 and you’re there. You could do a quick broil at the end if the skin isn’t crispy enough too!
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