help! my brisket recipe calls for baking for 1.5 hrs for 5 lb piece of meat. no liquid in the pot. can this be right?

  • Posted by: @jestei
  • April 18, 2011


amysarah April 19, 2011
I'd say it depends on what sort of brisket you're doing....a BBQ/smoked brisket is an entirely different animal than a pot roasted (braised) brisket.

Given that it's Passover, perhaps you're talking about traditional Jewish brisket pot roast? If so, 1.5 hrs is way too short for 5 lbs and absolutely there should be braising liquid. And delicious sauce when it's cooked.
RobertaJ April 19, 2011
I cook corned beef brisket (which granted is very different from uncorned brisket) over a bed of onions, wrapped securely in aluminum foil, in a 250° oven for about 4 hours. No added liquid. The amount of jus that comes out of the meat in that time is amazing. So much so that I always put the packet on a baking sheet so it doesn't leak all over my oven. Low, slow, long and covered should work, so long as it's undisturbed for the entire cooking period.
phyllis April 18, 2011
I replied via twitter which also started a new thread here. I cook brisket without liquid. Low temp for 2-3 hours, depending on size. It turns out juicy and tasty. How did you end up cooking it?
AntoniaJames April 18, 2011
I'm with the others that the 1.5 hours is too short for an uncooked 5 pound piece. At a low temperature, for a five pound brisket, I'd cook it for 4 or even 5 hours, depending on the temperature. ;o)
aargersi April 18, 2011
What betteirene said ... I think as long as it's wrapped / covered you are OK - low and slow - 1.5 hours doesn't sound near long enough. My friend Tim - best brisket maker EVER - smokes his for several hours - no direct heat - THEN wraps it in foil and puts it in a 180 oven for several more hours. Whole process ends up being 24 hours and a couple cases of beer.
betteirene April 18, 2011
What temp? Is the brisket dry-rubbed? Is this for BBQ? If it's low temp and dry rubbed, your instructions would work, especially if it's followed by another step, such as covering the pan with foil and slow-baking for an additional period of time, or placing it in a smoker.

Brisket has a lot more collagen that needs to be broken down in order for the meat to be tender. Low (less than 300 degrees) and slow (hours, usually three or more) cooking, whether it's with moist (a braise) or dry (BBQ) heat, will make the meat tender. Five pounds of meat and 1.5 hours roasting sounds more like a recipe for a rib roast.
jwolfsthal April 18, 2011
i don't see how that would work. can you post more details about the recipe, other instructions, and the source. Brisket usually requires braising for several hours in a liquid.
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