Need help with activating my sourdough starter

When I moved I dried my sourdough starter and put it in storage while I was abroad for several months. I went online and it seemed easy to find an easy way to reactivate the starter and I had no issues getting it bubbly but the starter wouldn’t rise. I’ve spent about two weeks and at this point I wonder if I should just start all over again… does anyone have any good tips for reactivating a sourdough starter so that it’s bubbly and rising regularly?



HalfPint August 23, 2021
Try a feed cycle with whole wheat or rye flour. I have read in my starter research that there are more wild yeast in whole grains. As one site (The Honest Loaf?) wrote: Feeding your starter with whole grain flour is like giving alcohol to teenagers. Let us know what you tried.
AntoniaJames August 23, 2021
HalfPint that image is hilarious - but apt, too. You want your starter to be a little wild. I’ve also heard that rye can make a starter quite rambunctious. ;o)
Sastephanie August 24, 2021
Thanks I’ll give that a try!
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