Whats a good dessert to make after spicy rice starters and main?

Hi, I'm looking for quick and easy dessert options for a supper club I'll cook for. The theme is all around Jollof rice - a spicy red rice so both the starters and main are going to be rice.

Grateful for dessert ideas. I think something cold, refreshing might work but.... Thanks

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lisa D. September 11, 2017
fresh assorted berries, honey glaze drizzle, lime creme fraiche sorbet and a shortbread cookie.
Monica B. September 10, 2017
I just had osmanthus gelatin at dimsum and found this version with a layer of coconut. A world apart but I think this is great for a light, fun dessert. http://thedomesticgoddesswannabe.com/2016/05/osmanthus-and-coconut-jelly-%E6%A1%82%E8%8A%B1%E6%A4%B0%E5%A5%B6%E6%9E%9C%E5%86%BB/
MMH September 10, 2017
A friend from India gave us this recipe & its fool proof - really good vanilla ice cream in a pool of mango puree. She told us to buy a can on mango puree in the Indian aisle/market because she says there aren't mangoes in the US that compare.
BB September 10, 2017
Think texture..
Soft rice then to soft custard and sorbet?? Something with some dente.. A rustic fruit tart with a scoop of home made citrus sorbet.
scruz September 10, 2017
i like icy cold citrus medallions or mango pudding.
Genevieve K. September 10, 2017
Panna Cotta!!
Terry M. September 10, 2017
Mexican Flan
Jennifer W. August 28, 2017
Fruit pavlova or trifle
Cassandra B. July 21, 2017
I would do a panna cotta, unless your meal was particularly dairy-heavy.
foofaraw July 21, 2017
Mango fool http://www.africanbites.com/mango-fool/
MMH July 20, 2017
Exbruxelles July 19, 2017
Lemon mascarpone ice cream with fresh blueberry sauce.
HalfPint July 19, 2017
To cool thinks off after a spicy meal, I would go with a dairy-based dessert like kulfi (my current obsession).
Kitchen B. August 13, 2017
Thank you. Passion fruit's in season right now so I'm considering a sorbet!
Asha L. July 19, 2017
A fruit sorbet, fruit ice or granita would be lovely. What about Amanda Hesser's strawberry ice with condensed milk and whipped cream? https://food52.com/recipes/56902-strawberry-ice-with-condensed-milk-and-whipped-cream

Or if you are looking for something super simple like whipped greek yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit.
PHIL July 19, 2017
Mango Lassi / watermelon granita or salad / I like the fruit salad idea too.

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Windischgirl July 19, 2017
I'm agreeing with you on the cold-and-refreshing; how about a watermelon-lime sorbet? The other option could be cool and creamy, such as a coconut custard or coconut ice cream. Even a big bowl of cut up mixed tropical fruits, served well-chilled, could be a nice counterpoint to the texture and spice of the rice. I am not sure what fruits are native to W. Africa, but melons and lime do grow on the continent.
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