How is frozen edamame roasted?



Sam1148 April 19, 2011

I agree with the 'slime' factor on endamame. Tho, I normally just boil mine in the pod, the skins on the bean itself sometimes has a slime when overcooked.

Maybe submitter could try drying them first and then a shallow fry with a dusting of cornstarch?

I did find a way to infuse peanuts for roasting (with shell on) with flavors last week. It involved using a canister of a 'food saver' and vacuuming out the air and letting them sit in the brining liquid for a few hours. Then slow roasting. I needed far more salt in the liquid for that than I would have thought needed.
AntoniaJames April 19, 2011
I've tried roasting, both brining beforehand to infuse flavor and without, and have never had any success. They taste okay but the skins shrivel up to make the edamame quite unappealing, even when roasted at a very low temperature. I'm interested in whatever others here have to say about this. ;o)
Sam1148 April 19, 2011
I've never tried to roast them.
Could you be more specific about the product? Is it in the shell, or out of the shell.

If out of the shell, I would think soaking in salt, flavoring liquid. Drying it out. Then roasting on a sheet pan at low slow, and flavoring with some surface spices before roasting.

That could be a pain, as I think you can find much cheaper pre-roasted endamame at stores.

If in the shell, treat it like a boiled peanut. With a much shorter boiling time (this isn't for roasting them). A flavoring liquid of "Shrimp Boil" bags in the boiling liquid adds a nice flavor. As for roasting, it would be an experiment to find the right temp, flavorings etc.

For roasting, I really haven't tried with those. But using some ideas of peanut roasting could help.
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