Suggested recipe edits for tinned clams?

Hi - I have a tin of cherrystone clams I’d like to use. Am I a horrible person for not using fresh? Never mind, don’t answer that 🤪 Q: Should I do anything differently recipe-wise?



MMH September 5, 2021
I would save the liquid from the can & use it at the step where you cook the fresh clams until they open. The fresh clams will throw off their juices or liquor at that stage. I would reserve the liquid from the clams & add it at that stage (just adds more flavor). The recipe says to add wine if the pan is dry but the liquid will save you that. Often times recipes which call for canned clams also call for a bottle of clam juice but you will already have it in the can. You are not a bad person. Canned clams are high quality & a great pantry staple!
drbabs September 5, 2021
You are not a horrible person. I'm not a clam person, but if I were substituting tinned clams, I'd be sure to drain the clams really well before using them. Good luck.
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