Substitute for fresh pandan leaves

Would dried pandan leaves work in this recipe? If so, what quantity (in oz or measure) would make sense?

Debby Kirkman
Pandan Ice Cream
Recipe question for: Pandan Ice Cream


drbabs September 7, 2021
I found this for you: “ What pandan leaves taste like?
Pandan leaves are commonly pulverized to produce an emerald-green extract. The more mature the leaf, the darker the hue and deeper the flavor. Furthermore, pandan leaf powder is used to flavor both savory and sweet dishes. Its taste is described as a grassy vanilla with a hint of coconut.” The recipe's author says in the head note,” If you don’t have pandan, try a couple of vanilla beans with 40 grams (1½ ounces) grated ginger root or store-bought stem ginger, finely chopped.” You could also try a bit of parsley or mint to try and get that grassy taste.
Debby K. September 7, 2021
Thanks . What the author material doesn’t seem to address substituting dried leaves for fresh - so I’m looking for that
Ruth September 7, 2021
I was able to find frozen pandan leaves in a local (San Francisco, CA) Asian food market.
Uyen L. September 8, 2021
That is because it seems harder to find dried ones than fresh ones in the UK. Frozen is perhaps good if you can't find fresh
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