@Foodpickle Bought some beef bones from asian mkt. Cant roast them for marrow like I wanted; what else can I do besides stock w/ them?



Kayb April 20, 2011
French onion soup keeps flitting through my mind. Which, I guess, is "souped up stock," but I've had good success in making it in large quantities, then freezing in small portions for reheating a serving at a time.
nutcakes April 19, 2011
Oh did you see this soup on food52.com
nutcakes April 19, 2011
Bank on a drum like Bam Bam. Seriouly I can't think of a thing. I'd make Pho. Or include them in a boneless beef braise to enrich the sauce/gravy.
Kristen M. April 19, 2011
Sorry, this is in fact stock, but it's a pretty cool one, tweaked by our columnist Jenny for the crock pot: http://www.food52.com/blog/1395_beef_stock
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