Chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs

Thoughts on substituting chicken breasts for chicken thighs?

  • Posted by: Lindsvo
  • October 4, 2021


drbabs October 7, 2021
I always have boneless chicken breasts in the house, and would totally make this with them. (In fact, thanks for posting this recipe. I missed it.) What I’m thinking is that the chicken breasts will probably mostly poach in the liquid as it reduces, so the oven step may be either reduced or not necessary. I’m going to try this myself…thanks!
Cristin P. October 11, 2021
Did you make it with chicken breasts? If it was a success, do you have any tips? Thank you!
Kristi P. October 14, 2021
Hello! Did you try this with chicken breasts? I do not eat meat with bones, so I am very curious. This recipe sounds so good. Thank you!
Melina H. October 4, 2021
I generally advocate using dark meat, as it's less likely to become dry and carries so much flavor. You could do bone-in, skin on breasts, cut them in half, and cook just a few minutes less in the oven, then check the internal temperature for doneness. If you try it, I'd love to hear how it turns out!
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