Can I add my Instagram account to my food 52 account? If yes, can someone please help. I would like to add my Instagram profile link to food52 account



Food52-Community October 5, 2021
Hi there! Yes, you can add your Instagram to your Food52 profile by clicking the profile icon in the top right and then clicking "Edit Public Profile."
Gmasurekar October 5, 2021
Thanks for response. I don’t see anything to link the profile when I click on edit public profile. I’m missing anything?
702551 October 5, 2021
On the same page you used to upload your profile photo.
Gmasurekar October 5, 2021
I’m complete foodie who loves developing new healthy recipes, Indian recipes with a twist. Please follow me on Instagram as gaurimw. Here is link to my account. Looking forward to connecting with different foodies .
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