How to add my website to my recipe

I have published my first recipe on Food 52 and would like to edit it to show my website address. Please help.

Elisabeth Marshall


Lindsay-Jean H. February 6, 2017
Hi Elisabeth and welcome! If you go to your profile, you can edit your profile and you'll see that there's a spot to add your website. If you want to add it to your recipe as well, you could go to the recipe, select edit recipe, and add it into the author notes.
RforRecipes August 28, 2020
The website option doesn't show in my profile. Only there is Bio, Avataar, and Location option ar shown.
I checked some profiles they have Website and their social media URL on their profile.
I am new here, so please suggest to me what should I do or there are rules for it.
cookingupvegan March 3, 2021
Hi! Im having the same issue. Theres no box for my website URL.
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