Recommend refrigerated puff pastry brand

Need a good brand fot puff pastry

  • Posted by: Anne
  • November 8, 2021


Happygoin November 9, 2021
The difference is that Pepperidge Farm uses all oil in its puff pastry. There’s no mouth feel to it. If you try PF next to an all butter puff pastry, such as Dufour or Trader Joe’s, I think the difference would be noticeable.

Having said that, there’s no crime in using Pepperidge Farm, as it’s easily available. Not everyone is close to a Trader a Joe’s or Whole Foods, which sells Dufour.
Miss_Karen November 8, 2021
I use Pepperidge Farm, and it hasn't poisoned me yet However, Trader Joe's has good products, so you would be ok using that too.
AntoniaJames November 8, 2021
I really like the Trader Joe's brand, but have never tried any other. I'd be most interested in hearing from others who've tried all three whether the other two brands mentioned - Dufour and Pepperidge Farm - truly are better, and are worth the higher price. ;o)
aargersi November 8, 2021
I believe that Dufour is the best quality but may not be the easiest to find. Trader Joe’s has an all butter one and honestly I’ve used Pepperidge Farms with great success and the benefit is you can get it anywhere
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