Looking for a All Clad stainless steel saucepan

I was at my friend's house and was admiring her cookware. I helped with drying the dishes so I know it's an All Clad stainless steel saucepan. The thing is -- it's fairly old (she's had it forever and I've always admired it.) The only dimension that I know is that it's 6 inches in diameter and it says "Master Chief" on the bottom. Does anyone with All Clad at home know the capacity by any chance for this stainless steel saucepan? Many thanks.

  • Posted by: Avid
  • November 14, 2021


Avid December 4, 2021
Thank you so much for the informative comments. Obviously more investigative work needs to be done. I appreciate all the assistance. Please consider this a closed thread.
702551 November 17, 2021
AJ is right, All-Clad often makes multiple capacity saucepans with the same diameter. The 1 qt., 1.5 qt. and 2 qt. saucepans all use the same lid; they're just different heights. I own a small sauteuse that takes the same diameter lid even though the stovetop footprint is smaller.

I have a larger sauteuse and sautoir that share the same lid size. Naturally these have different capacities due to the pan shape.

You'll need to take measurements and search online for capacity for that particular model. Or fill it up with water with a measuring cup.

Note that All-Clad has changed their product lineup periodically so it'll be up to you to see if they still market that particular SKU. I know that the Master Chef line has been revised (it's currently MC2) so it's possible that your friend's pan is from the original Master Chef line.
Nancy November 15, 2021
Agree. Maybe obvious, but there are already Black Friday early deals, and more coming.
AntoniaJames November 14, 2021
Depending on how tall it is, that saucepan is either 1 quart, 1.5 quart, or 2 quart capacity. I have the 1.5 quart. If you look on Amazon, you'll see that the 1 quart and 2 quart have the same footprint - about 6.1 inches.

I use mine all the time, by the way. It was my first All-Clad purchase. I've bought numerous other All-Clad cookware pieces since then. Every one of them is my favorite for the purpose for which it was made. ;o)
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