Seasoning Carbon Steel

I am in the process of seasoning my new carbon steel baking pan and I have done the steel wool step. As I wiped it down wtih a towel to dry it, though, there is a grey residue on the towel. Does this mean I need to keep scouring or is this normal?



miss J. October 2, 2012
I wonder if Grace Young of Stir Frying to the Sky's Edge method for conditioning woks would be the same for a baking pan?
pierino October 2, 2012
After initial seasoning and subsequent use your carbon steel will begin to behave almost like cast iron but with lighter heft. These things are the go to pans of restaurant kitchens.
healthierkitchen October 2, 2012
Thanks Nozlee. That's sort of what I ended up doing and then put it in the oven for a couple of hours at 300. I'm hoping that will do it!
Nozlee S. October 2, 2012
I would continue wiping the pan down with a lightly oil paper towel until the grey residue is gone. The steel wool will create more residue by scraping up the pan's surface.
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