I'm making a turkey roulade to bring to someone home and want to make sure it doesn't dry out since I'm making it at home.

  • Posted by: jen12jen
  • November 22, 2021


MMH November 22, 2021
If your question is about transporting the dish, it also helps to splash a little chicken stock in the bottom of the dish to keep it moist. It also helps to do that when you store it.
Alex E. November 22, 2021
Hi there! The testers in our Test Kitchen recommend this recipe for turkey roulade: https://food52.com/recipes/16775-tuscan-turkey-roulade. Our testers recommended using a bone-in turkey breast and leaving part of the skin on after boning to prevent it from going dry. They also used a cup and a half of wine and a drizzle of olive oil during roasting to keep everything moist.
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