Since this recipe specifies salted butter (rather than unsalted), is there a particular brand recommended that has the correct salt content?

I'm a little curious about the decision to use salted butter in both the crust and filling of this recipe, as I've only ever used sweet/unsalted butter when baking. As different brands of butter can vary in salt content, is there a particular brand recommended by the author/test kitchen?



Brinda A. November 22, 2021
Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the question. Because the pie crust is enriched with sugar for structure and tenderness, Sam calls for salted butter to balance out the sweetness; the filling is also rather sweet so the salted butter helps cut through that a bit! For the filling in particular, you can try mixing it together without the added salt, tasting it to see how you like the result, then adding or leaving out.

Onto your question, though: In my research, I've found that while salted butters do vary in their salt content, supermarket brands (Like Land o' Lakes, Horizon, Challenge, and Safeway's Organic) hover around 90 to 100mg for the stick. You can use any of these interchangeably without much variation in result. The real outliers, salt-wise, seem to be when we move towards different styles of butter, like Kerrygold (Irish-style butter) or Plugra (European-style). So I'd probably stay away from those kinds when making this dessert and save 'em for spreading on bread instead.

Hope this helps! Thanks!
Elizabeth November 22, 2021
Super helpful – thank you so much!
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