Thanksgiving recipe: Savory Thanksgiving meal kit from local farms?

Hi Food Lovers,

We all enjoy delicious food and sweet family time, but dealing with the hassles of searching for recipes, shopping for ingredients, and vetting food quality can be discouraging.

As food lovers ourselves, we are a small group of Stanford students that want to solve this problem by connecting local farmers with home cooks. We aim at providing home cooks with carefully curated recipes and fresh produce sourced directly from local farmers, so people can save time and money shopping for ingredients while eating sustainably.

To this end, we built FooderyFarm ( to share our idea with carefully curated Thanksgiving recipes. Once we receive a decent amount of sign ups, we plan to reach out to local farmers to source produce, package as meal kits then deliver to the doorstep for customers.

Please check out our recipes and sign up if you are interested! Nevertheless, we would love to hear from your thoughts about our product, any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Happy holidays!
Binbin, on behalf of the FooderyFarm team.

  • Posted by: burrito
  • November 23, 2021


madjid December 3, 2021
maybe this for thanksgiving for next year
Nancy November 23, 2021
A few reactions to help focus your project for a test run:
• find a source of local area people who might be interested jn a test market for your idea. This site with mostly USA countrywide base may or may not have enough people in Palo Alto and nearby to test this. If not, consider local food blogs (e.g chowhound) or social media (many).
• broaden your idea to include other holidays and events for better year-round sales for your intended suppliers. For example, Christmas, Valentine's, summer cookouts, home dinners for birthdays & anniversaries.
• check out possible competition and/or collaborators. After all, you are operating in the wider neighborhood of Alice Waters and lots of farm-to-table advocates.
Good luck as you develop and launch your service!
Margaret E. November 23, 2021
Hey there! Best place to pitch something like this is [email protected]. Thank y’all!
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