Adapt this recipe to make fritters in an air fryer

Would like to know if I could adapt this to make fritters using my air fryer. The casserole is great but think that a different “shape” would add texture to our Thanksgiving table.

  • Posted by: L
  • November 24, 2021
Jiffy “Corn Casserole”
Recipe question for: Jiffy “Corn Casserole”


KLS November 25, 2021
I bake this in my silicone muffin cups, too wet for fritters
Nancy November 24, 2021
Use a recipe for fritters made in an air fryer (from your machine or online) for timing and proportions if, for example, grain, egg, fat, raising agent and then adapt the ingredients from the corn casserole recipe.
Kelly V. November 24, 2021
Hi L,

I love the idea of this! I haven't tried making fritters with the batter in an Air Fryer, so hoping one of our other community members may have some advice. However, the batter is quite wet (closer to a cake or muffin batter) so I imagine it may be difficult to form the fritters. Let me know if you give it a try!
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