Why I Can’t Enjoy Food52 with Advertising Encroachment

The ads are getting too big for the articles, especially the Bob’s Furniture. It’s too large, too frequent, and generally too intrusive on this otherwise favourite site!



Elizabeth P. April 2, 2022
I agree! Bob’s Furniture is especially annoying. I understand the need for ads, but I’m spending less time on the site out of total disgust. There are plenty of other sites to learn great cooking ideas.
Lindsay M. March 8, 2022
I never seek out to complain about ads on pages. These ads make the UX completely miserable. As a long time customer of food52 and also regularly spend lots and lots this was very frustrating to overlook

Tinalawlor March 6, 2022
Boy, I’m a naturally patient person, but this is ridiculous!!! I HAD to find a thread to add my support of irritation. I couldn’t get through the first paragraph without many unsuccessful attempts to “c” out of the furniture ad. I’ve spent hundreds on Food52 products. You’d think I d get some free content!
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