what to do when food52 on-site recipes don't work or are incomplete

What to do if you like a dish or recipe here but it's incomplete & you don't get an answer when you as the hotline? Look online for a similar dish or technique. Use known reliable sites (general, like allrecipes, or specific cuisine like KAF for breads and baking). And/or look for # in parentheses, e.g. (144) which indicates home cooks who used & liked it. The more the better. Or this guide from thekitchn.

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • April 16, 2023


drbabs April 16, 2023
If I’m looking for a recipe for a particular ingredient (I.e., cauliflower) or type of food (brownies), I always filter for “test kitchen approved.” I think that the most trustworthy recipes have been tested, but this isn’t foolproof. If you really want to make something and it doesn’t have that label, scroll down to the comments to see if anyone else has made it and what they said. And if something seems to be missing, post a question about the particular recipe in the hopes that the recipe writer will see it and answer your question.
Nancy April 16, 2023
Agree, mapojng a route on how to give yourself good chances of success with a recipe using a specific ingredient.
But/and I also find some unusual and good recipes haven’t (yet) been tested, so I still might want to try them. And then I might trip over a problem with an ingredient amount or directions.
drbabs April 16, 2023
Good point. I try to remember to comment on those to say what I liked about them, and how I handled the inconsistencies.
Gammy April 16, 2023
Yea, Nancy! Thank you! This question and terrific reply should be cemented to the top of the discussion board! We are not all at the same level as cooks and I see so many that want to create a dish they can be proud of, yet there may be a small barrier, such as when to add an ingredient or time/temp to bake that a more established cook would make an educated guess and move on. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!
Nancy April 16, 2023
Gammy - thanks, glad you think these ideas are useful.
Your comments made me think of cooking as a feedback loop, and we’re all at different points in the spiral.
If you are an experienced cook, as you say, make an educated guess, see the results, if good, rinse and repeat,
If a newish cook, get more directions or specifics on amounts, and learn new recipes.
Nancy April 16, 2023
correction - "when you ask the food52 hotline"
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