Is it possible to cook this in a baking sheet?

This recipe sounds fantastic! I’m wondering if you might have any advice for possibly baking this in a half sheet for a larger, rectangular pie? Thanks in advance!



Nancy January 29, 2022
Yes...there are many recipes out there for sheet pan pizza.
This one says it makes 4 round at 12" diameter. By area, that is about 1.8 times a full size sheet pan (13x18"), so I'd make it using two of those.
Baking time should be about the near the end, to make sure it's done.
Also, if you cook both at same time in one oven, probably good to rotate pans at middle (180° and up-and-down), to make sure they're getting same oven heat.
Nancy January 29, 2022
Here's one recipe for sheet pan pizza - just for reference on baking temp and time. Either 12-15 min at 525F or 15-20 min at 475F if your oven doesn't go to the higher temperature.
shecky2000 January 30, 2022
Thank you, Nancy! I'm set on using this recipe and the adjustments you provide are super helpful and much appreciated!
Nancy January 30, 2022
Oops, correction.
The pan size I mentioned (13x18) is YES the HALF size pan you wanted to use.
If cooking in a restaurant FULL size sheet pan (18x26), you would use one recipe of dough from the pizza you want to make.
shecky2000 January 30, 2022
Yes I figured that's what you mean: I am using a 13x18 sheet so your calculations are super helpful. Thanks again!
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