Can fridge cold unfed starter or older 'discard' be used?

I store my starter in the fridge and feed weekly. I also keep the 'discard' until I have enough to do something with. It appears this recipe uses starter that is fed daily and kept at room temp which you use when it is 'hungry'. How would I adjust the recipe to use my unfed ripe starter from the fridge (or even the older discard)?

Lynne G.
Sourdough Kanelstang
Recipe question for: Sourdough Kanelstang


Maurizio L. February 1, 2022
Hey, Lynee! I'd highly recommend using a starter that's fed regularly and at room temp, like you said. If you want to use your fridge starter, I'd take it out a day before using, feed it twice that day, and then use it the next morning to mix this dough. You'll find more vigorous fermentation, which can be helpful in a dough containing enrichments (sugar, dairy, etc.).
AntoniaJames February 2, 2022
Yes, unfed, cold starters and discards won't give the dough a good rise - if the dough rises at all. ;o)
Lynne G. February 2, 2022
Ok, thanks for your reply!
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