help with recipe awaiting moderation approval

I finally decided to publish my recipe: Boba Tang Yuan - The Hip New Way to Round Out the Lunar New Year. I updated the recipe and now it's in moderation. I re-uploaded a few times and with edits, I'm unable to publish. Any advice on what to do? Thanks

Olivia Chen


Olivia C. February 3, 2022
This is the recipe image. Thanks so much for your help.
Olivia C. February 3, 2022
I just reload photos and they show up on recipe but not when searched.

Olivia C. February 3, 2022
Thanks! Is there a way for my photo to show up as the profile photo in searches? My previously post before edit had the photo show up. Thank you so much. I did try to update it and nothing.

Emma L. February 3, 2022
Hi Olivia, sorry for the trouble! The recipe should be showing up on your profile now.
Olivia C. February 4, 2022
Thank you Emma. I had a question. I need to update my recipe but I'm afraid it will be sent to moderation. I'd like to include an additional photo and add an additional option for recipe modification if people like.

If the recipe is sent to approval, is the link still the original link? I posted the link to a cooking group to share so don't want the link to break.

Also, is there a way a link to so people know where to buy one of the Ingredients? It came up in comments.
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