What can I use instead of corn syrup?

Hello I’d love to try this recipe but it’s hard to find corn syrup in Ireland so I am wondering if there is an alternative, maybe golden syrup? Thanks

  • Posted by: FionaHg
  • February 15, 2022
Vanilla Bean Soft Nougat
Recipe question for: Vanilla Bean Soft Nougat


AntoniaJames February 16, 2022
I would definitely use Lyle's golden syrup for these vanilla bean soft nougat candies. That's because the golden syrup has exactly the same chemical properties as corn syrup - or so I've read (and my own experience making the substitution in a traditional pecan pie recipe bears that out). Making candy is tricky, largely because of how sugar functions. You'll improve the chances of success in making the soft nougat where the sugar structure is the same.

If you do try it, do let us know how it turns out, please. I'm intrigued! Thanks. ;o)
Nancy February 16, 2022
Thanks, both AJ & Miss Karen for more/better opinions.
Yes, I like the taste of Lyle's better than corn syrup too and think it will give a better candy.
And good to know that both syrups have same chemical composition. Yes, v important for candy,
Miss_Karen February 15, 2022
I would use Lyle's golden syrup, even though corn syrup is readily available. Lyle's has a MUCH better taste!
Nancy February 15, 2022
Yes, golden syrup (which you should be able to find) is listed in my substitutions bible as a possible replacement. Also, honey, and brown sugar dissolved in some hot water.
Good luck and I hope the candies come out well!
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