Has anyone compared brands of golden sugar syrups?

I love Lyle's Golden Syrup. During the holidays, I like to use it as a substitute for corn syrup in my nut pies (with a little molasses). Living in Ohio, Lyle's is very expensive, and I have been reading about other golden sugar syrups: Steen's and Petit Canne. Have any of you tried all three? Can you describe the differences in taste? Lyle's has an almost addicting toffee-like taste that is superb in caramels and nut pie fillings. What are the other syrups like? Are they darker? More molasses-y?

Dea Henrich


LeBec F. April 27, 2012
dea, sorry but can't help w/ comparisons as i don't think i've ever seen alternatives to Lyles here in boston and i like lyles. I will throw out a related question. Lyles is golden. Corn Syrup is clear. If you cook clear sugar, it goes golden( then brown etc). Maybe if we cooked corn syrup to a caramel color, and compared it w/ lyles- that would be interesting, yes?
rt21 April 27, 2012
Try ukgoods.com they have a1 lb tin for $3.99
LeBec F. April 27, 2012
rt21, with regards to price issues,when recommending products available thru www, i always suggest that one keep in mind the cost of shipping.
you'd prob have to buy MANY tins to have the cost equal a slightly higher cost per tin on your grocery shelf.
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