Do you prefer fried chicken or grilled chicken? Why?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


rlucido April 25, 2011
A new stick of butter I unwrapped had some faint brown spots on it the other day. It wasn't that old. I tasted it and it seemed fine so we used it. No problems I know about.
Kayb April 24, 2011
I may have to turn in my credentials as a Southerner -- but I don't really care for fried chicken. I never cook it -- entirely too messy and too much work. I don't order it out because, well, there are so many other preparations of chicken that I love. Grilled is great, because you can add whatever flavor you wish and have a gazillion different dishes.
Sam1148 April 23, 2011
I love fried Chicken..But rarely make it myself; Firstly: Because I can never make it as good as the "Church Ladies" That have been making it for decades. And secondly, I rarely fry things at home.

Cold fried chicken is a thing of beauty in a box lunch for a picnic.

hardlikearmour April 23, 2011
Grilled. Easier to make, less mess, less fattening.
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