How to fry chicken??

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Louisa July 7, 2012
Here's another:
Rinse chicken and soak a few hrs. or overnight in buttermilk.
Drain chicken.
Dredge chicken in a mixture of flour, salt and pepper.
Let chicken rest 10 min. and dredge again.
Heat solid shortening, such as Crisco, in skillet to a depth of about 2" in a frying skillet or a Dutch oven.
Heat shortening to 350 degrees.
Add chicken, skin side down.
Fry chicken maintaining temp of no higher than 325 degrees. Turn chicken frequently.
Chicken should register 165 degrees in thickest part to be finished.
Drain chicken on wire rack.

I choose to remove skin before soaking in buttermilk, and I cut the breasts in half.

Benny July 7, 2012
The standard method is:

1) Rinse and pat dry your chicken. If you are frying breasts, place it under some plastic wrap and lightly tap it out with a meat hammer. Try to make the whole cut of meat a consistant thickness. Season with salt and pepper.
2) dredge in seasoned flour and shake off excess flour
3) dip in beaten eggs
4) dredge in either more seasoned flour, or some other type of breading such as panko bread crumbs.
5) place in refridgerator for about 30 minutes to let the breading come together
6) heat a heavy pan over medium high heat. Once hot, add an oil with a high smoke point (such as canola). place the breaded chicken pieces in the pan and let it cook until the breading is golden brown. try not to disturb it until this is accomplished
7) flip the chicken and let the other side cook until golden brown.
8) Depending on what cut of chicken you are frying, you may need to finish it off in an oven. Pieces with bone in might need that extra cooking time. trying to fry your chicken in the pan until completely cooked may result in a burnt breading. If you are frying breasts (especially breasts that have been pounded with a meat mallet), you may not need that extra time. Cut a thick piece and check for any pink.

that's it :)
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