Has anyone ever done risotto in the pressure cooker?



hip P. May 4, 2011
WFC, the creamyness comes from the starch, which is released in the step where you toast the rice grains.

Josephnsm, the problem could be the liquid:rice ratio instead of the cooking time. I use a 2 liquid to 1 rice ratio, and this should be adjusted according to how many "watery" veggies you add - plus always use Arborio o Cannaroli.

Here is my no-fail recipe for risotto, and as the name says. It's Italian-approved!

Let me know how you like it!



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Josephsm April 24, 2011
I've tried it 3 or 4 times and the flavor has always been good but the rice has always overcooked (despite my shortening the cooking time). I give up. But I haven't tried Monkeymom's linked recipe. I also tried it in the slow cooker and again the rice was overcooked.
monkeymom April 23, 2011
Yes, and it turned out awesome. Here it the recipe I used. http://www.food52.com/recipes/3742_pressure_cooker_saffron_and_artichoke_risotto
I wouldn't recommend it. It is actually the motion and physical beating of the starches that make the creamy texture you want with great risotto.
In the pressure cooker you will get a soft short grain rice pilaf.
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